Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Daisies in Bloom"

Daisies in Bloom.

Peddler’s want to achieve the moon.

No rest for the weary; gold insight.

STOP: it's a beautiful world around you.

LOOK: green grass, flowers, trees.

LISTEN: to Cinderella and her dreams.

For now she's little and in need.

Don't let her stance reflect;
where was mommy and daddy.

Slow down take your time.

Always keep love ones in mind.

Valuable moments can’t rewind.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Pealed back layers of lies

Still wolf mimicking sheep

President Barack compared to monkey shot

Disadvantage sub-prime loans

Sacred land of liberty

Still thrashing Willie Lynch’s method of slavery

Façade desert oasis

Reminder of familiar dry places

Different faces pealing off

Replaced words hoping to erase

History’s designed plots.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Being the other Woman.

Ladies come one come all, married woman's point of view on "The Other Woman".

All right, ladies, we all know that it's in a woman's human nature to want a man in her life, to be in union with, comfort her and to validate her worthiness. My question to you: Ladies how far are you willing to go to achieve affection from a married man? Women have a tendency to except men and all of their flaws because of our desperation of wanting to be loved.

I'm sure that you have heard of the old saying "any man is better than no man". Well, I am a married woman who have experienced women and their desperate measures of trying to seduce and lure a married man away from his wife and children. If you're saying, what, she actually airing her dirty laundry? Yes, ladies, my panties are blowing in the wind.

Let me say this to all the other women who decide to be in a relationship with a married man. The same emotion that you have of wanting to be loved and adored, is the exact same emotion that us, as married women have. Think about it, we finally found the man of our dreams that we want to spend the rest of our life with him; then there's a woman who comes into his life and want that same union. Yes, two have to tangle in order for it to be a relationship but, what action are you going to take to persuade him to leave his wife?

There are certain men who love to soar and conquer as much as they can in their life time and for them to have a variety of women to choose from makes them happy. It is up to us as women to set boundaries and to be in charge of our lives. For myself, I have notice that there are three types of cheating married men:

Type 1: Description of a cheating married man.
1. Don't tell you that he's married and you eventually find out.

A: I know this is a devastating moment for you. You think that you've finally found your "Night and Shining Amour", only to realize that he has giving marriage vows to another woman. Ladies, this is the time to do some soul searching on how you're going to handle this situation? Will you leave and tell him that you don't appreciate being lied too, or will you be content with what he has to offer you? Speaking from a wife's point of view, leave, because we don't want the stress of competition with the other woman.

Type 2: Description of a cheating married man.
2. Tell you that he's married but, he's going to leave his wife.

B: Now, if this happens for you congratulation! But, if six months has past and he hasn't left yet, 9 times out of 10, he's lying
to you. With that being said, will you live in your fantasies and believe that he love and value you more than his wife? Ladies, without a doubt, if this is the allusion you want to wrap your heart around, get ready for a lot of emotional ups and downs.

Type 3: Description of a cheating married man
3. Let you know that he's married however, he's not going to leave his wife and he ask you to except it.

C: Okay, ladies, is this what you really want or does your heart's desirer fight against this thought 100 percent. If this is the case, walk away and save yourself the struggle, heartache and disappointment. Reason being said, you can't force a man into leaving his wife if that's not in his heart's desirer. No matter how many back flips you turn to gain his love and attention; it's simply not going to happen for you! From my personal observation, the other woman is setting herself up for an unfilled, unhappy and unsuccessful love journey, with a very bitter ending. My word of advice to you is; when you realize that you have put your all into him and he still doesn't look to you as the one he want to spend the rest of his life with, move on, don't go after his wife. For instance;

(Caution: 1) Please, don't give him pictures to take home, so that his wife can become aware your existence.

(Caution: 2) Please, don't contact his wife to let her know about your connection with her husband.

(Caution: 3) Please, don't tell his wife that her husband prefers your "loving" over hers. By doing so, this will be a tremendous lack of respect to his wife emotional well being.

Woman to woman, have a heart where the wife is concerned. Whether he tells you he's married or you find out the hard way, remember, the wife didn't make any commitment to you, he did. This relationship, whether good or bad, should be discussed and kept between the two of you. In other words, if you're going to agree to a relationship with a married man, find out what works for you. Create an environment that you and him can share, instead of being in constant competition with the wife.

Ladies, if you can't fathom the thought of sharing a married man; by all means leave and never look back. Message: We can't make someone love us, we can only enforce the love for ourselves.

All in all, getting involved with a married man is your decision but, be prepared for the consequence of sharing "Love".

Friday, June 20, 2008

Paula White's Divorce

Paula White is a inspiration to all women who have endured horrific pain in their lives and has struggled to over overcome them. The example of her testimony enables others to understand that you don’t have to wallow in your sorrows and hurts; just put one foot in front of the other and move forward.

I often watch Paula’s television show to listen to her wisdom on sexual and physical abuse because I too came from that similar background. Trust me when I say, it is not easy to fight those constant reminders of relatives/ people who betray you in the worst way. In my opinion, for Paula White to hold no bitter resentment and to except the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the age of eighteen, demonstrate that she’s a true child of God.

Randy and Paula’s divorce is very shocking to the Christian community because we look to our leaders to set the example for us to follow. Sometimes the church wants their preachers to be immortal and immune to human behaviors, but think about it who really needs a Pastor that hasn’t experienced problems of any kind? To me, this proves that Paula and Randy are normal human beings who face the same issues as all society does.

It was very commendable of them to announce their personal marital problems with their congregation. I understand if they’re not ready to address the television viewers of “Without Walls Ministries” and the world about the break downs and mistrusts in their marriage. I would suggest, to the followers of Randy and Paula White to allow them to gather their thoughts and heal from whatever disputes they may have.

It is very unfair to the Whites to imply all these accusation towards marital infidelities. How can we question any biblical grounds of adultery if Paula and Randy haven’t discussed what their problems were?

This is an outrage to accuse them of backstabbing God and their members without any proof. Especially when their history has been nothing, but putting positive words and energy into the world. I am confident in whatever trials that they are enduring that God has the answers and He will help them through it. So, relax and let them gather the strength to talk about their tribulations and become testimonies on how to undergo divorce in the body of God!

I am sadden by Paula’s divorce, but I comprehend that sometimes people who join in the union of marriage realize that they no longer share the same love as they once did. If there is adultery involved, this is for God to judge and not a fellow human being (Deuteronomy 32: 36)! My prayers go out to Randy and Paula White.